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Directions to Bankruptcy Court

New Albany, Indiana

Federal Building
121 W. Spring Street
New Albany, IN

Directions from Scottsburg, Indiana
Take I-65 South to I-265 West
I-265 merges with I-64 East and West
Take I-64 East towards Louisville/Lexington to the New Albany exit (which is first exit)

At the bottom of the ramp is a stop sign.
Go through the stop sign to the next street, which is Market Street.
Turn left onto Market Street.

You will pass through another stop sign, go under an overpass, and through a traffic light.
At the next block, which is not marked well but is just before where the street divides, turn left.

The state courthouse will be on your left and the federal courthouse will be on your right.
You will need to go into the federal courthouse.

Enter from the front of the building, which faces Spring Street and is directly across from the Chase bank building.
You will have to pass through a metal detector.


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