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Experienced Indiana Injury and Disability Lawyers

Alcorn Sage Schwartz & Magrath, LLP, accepts referrals from other law firms for personal injury, workers compensation, and disability claims for cases in Indiana and Kentucky. We pay referral fees for these cases, under the conditions and as allowed by the Indiana Rules of Ethics for Attorneys.

We have worked with law firms all over the States of Indiana and Kentucky in co-counsel and local counsel arrangements. We thoroughly appreciate any and all referrals.

Our law firm has years of experience in the county, federal, and appellate courts. We have been in practice since 1976. However, our years of experience is not the only reason that our firm is asked to handle personal injury, workers compensation, and disability cases referred to us by other law firms.

We appreciate and honor our relationships with other law firms. We will respect that relationship and support that relationship when we handle the case for the referred client. We take good care of our clients, promptly return phone calls, advise clients and referring attorneys of the status of any pending cases, and generally are respectful and professional in our client relations.


Please call Merritt Alcorn or Heidi Kendall-Sage at 1-800-330-8765 to discuss our Referring Attorney Program.

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